Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet weekend!

So, this weekend was pretty awesome. Mony's fourth tooth popped out, so she has all her front teeth now. (Obviously they're not super far in, but they've broken through.) Her first tooth is easily visible when she smiles and makes her look so super cute!

We got up early on Friday and went to Vegas. Ramona was super well behaved and happy. We went to the indoor outlet mall and I got a new wallet, some new pans, and way too many new outfits for Ramona. We also got a cute lobster outfit for Rob and Lauren's new little boy. There are so many cute things for boys these days! If a little boy ends up in our future, I'll probably be just as bad as I am with Ramona. I really wanted to buy her some little boy pants with skull and crossbones on them, but they were at Gymboree and not on sale, so I wasn't willing to spend that much on them.

Then we drove up the road and went to an outdoor mall that we always drive by and talk about stopping at, but never do. So we did. (I know, we're soooo adventurous, right?) It was really nice. It's super family friendly and had a lot more locals, which makes it a lot easier. The strip is fun, but there are so many people just stopping in the middle of nowhere to take pictures of stuff and there's always some wanna be Entourage losers being drunk idiots and some scantily clad ladies sexy dancing everywhere. It gets annoying when you're just trying to go shopping. Especially with a baby. But probably 40% of the people at this place had babies. There were strollers everywhere. When we ate lunch, we were sat by another couple with a little tiny 5 week old baby. It's so crazy to see babies that small and think Ramona was that little just a few months ago. They thought Ramona was really cute. And their baby had ten times as much hair as Ramona already. She slept the whole time and was so tiny and adorable.

We bought some stuff at Border's- I got Ramona three new books and Joe got a couple things. We did lots of browsing and I might have got some more things but Ramona started getting hungry and tired so we went home. We stopped in Pahrump for ice cream and gas, and I drove home from there because Joe was tired. I was driving, and Joe was snoring in the seat next to me, and Ramona was making farting noises in the back seat and I just started laughing out loud out of nowhere like a crazy person. I was thinking about how Ramona was snoring on the way to Vegas and Joe was snoring on the way home. And how all our baby books call the farting noises "razzing". I'm pretty sure it's just because they don't want to put "farting noises" in a baby book, because, honestly, who calls that razzing? Joe didn't even know what it was supposed to mean when he read it.

Anyway, we got home and Ramona went to bed and Joe took a nap. I unpacked all our new stuff. Joe and I drank a couple beers and watched TV. The next day Joe worked so Ramona and I played together. I had a great time with her. She was in a really good mood and we played and danced. She's tried to start pulling up on things, but isn't quite coordinated enough to get off the ground by herself yet. I can't believe she'll be seven months old on Friday. She's getting so big so fast. I daydream about us baking cookies together in a few years, or playing at the playground. I feel like I have a whole new purpose to my life since Ramona has come into it. Everything I do feels more important. I just get this feeling like being a mom was what I'm meant to do. I really think Joe is who I was made to have a child with. We're such a good team, and I'm so happy things have worked out how they did.

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