Monday, June 28, 2010

The difference eight months makes...

So, I put on these shorts for the first time since I wore them when I was super pregnant. (I think this pic is from the week before Ramona's due date. As you can see, they're crazy tight. Why I thought I should wear booty shorts when I was nine months pregnant is a question I can't even answer. Oh wait. It was hot. That's the same reason I wore them this weekend.) As soon as I put them on, I commented on how the last time I put them on the waist band was ready to explode with baby. Joe was like, "I wonder if you and Ramona can both fit in there now that she's big." Answer: We can, but it's a little awkward. Joe thought this was the most hilarious thing ever (hence the picture) and kept calling me mama kangaroo and Ramona my joey.
I guess it proves I've lost all the baby weight. And the picture proves I really needed to clean the living room. I did, don't worry.

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