Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Fish

So I realized I've never really explained how Ramona got her nickname. It has many iterations: Baby Fish, Little Fish, Ramona Fish, Fishie Fry. It has spread so that Joe is Daddy Fish and I am Mommy Fish. When Erin was visiting I thought we should call her Auntie Fish, but then I thought it sounded to much like she was against fish (read Anti Fish to us with midwest accents) so she thought I should pronounce it extra southern style (Ontie Fish?)

Anyway, the story is not interesting in the least and only leads Joe to further memorialize his favorite McDonald's commercial. Yes, my daughter's nickname which could very well be a lifelong family nickname is based on a McDonald's commercial. It's kind of embarrassing. But, whatever. You probably know the commercial

Joe loves this commercial so bad it's ridiculous. Like there is something wrong with someone who likes a commercial as much as he enjoyed that commercial. When it came out he would sing it all the time. So when Ramona was born (ya know MONTHS after the stupid commercial came out) he was still singing it. When he'd get home from work and wanted to hold Ramona, he would sing, "Gimme back that Ramona fish! Give me that fish!" Somehow it morphed into a thing and we did it all the time. Now we almost never sing the song, but we still call her Fish all the time.

So that's the dumb story behind Ramona's nickname. I'm hoping taking her to the pool will help her become a good swimmer or something so there's at least some decent excuse for her nickname that is not related to McDonald's, but what can you do? I mean, I guess she has a better nickname than her dad. (For the record I never call him Trash, and I've heard like four different stories about how he got that nickname. No one seems to know for sure.)

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