Sunday, August 8, 2010

My First Baby

Lars is missing! The cats somehow got out last night. I really can't figure out how they did it. The screen in the front door is loose, so I'm guessing they might have gotten out through there when we were airing out the house because it got smokey when Joe made dinner last night. But it really doesn't look possible. Anyway, we were getting ready to go to bed last night Joe saw Danzig in the same window she always hangs out in, but on the wrong side. He went outside and brought her in, and we looked around to see if Lars was inside or out. She's not in the house (we checked all her favorite hiding places) so she's outside somewhere. We've been looking, but no luck so far. I told the neighbors to keep an eye out for her and we put food and water outside and her favorite suitcase that she like to pee on. I'm worried because it's so hot. Also, Lars is kind of dumb, so I don't know if she'll even be able to find her way home.

There is a little creek behind our house, so I'm hoping she can get some water. I just feel terrible and I don't know what to do. Joe and I have gone out looking a million times today. He said the internet suggests opening some tuna after the sun comes down. So we'll try that. I don't know what I'll do if we can't find her. I'm worried that she's scared and alone. Hopefully she is just taking naps and chasing lizards and having fun. My poor baby.


  1. I hope Lars comes back soon. Our cat, Liberty(we got her on the 4th of July 2009) escaped recently but came back by herself. It was actually a dastardly plot concocted by our older cat who wishes she would just go away for good. He pushed open the temporary covering on a basement window and showed her how to escape (the 2nd half of that sentence is conjecture but not the first).

  2. I left my cats at my friends house in the basement because they have a dog that my big cat would slaughter. Anyways I"m away on vacation and I just got the little kitty fixed...and when I droped them off, my big cat smelled the other cats that live there during the winter and got all mean and scary and I thought he was gonna kill the little one. the kitty is stuck in a closet ony she can get to and won't come out, for a whole day they couldn't hear her and I thought she was dead and it was alll my fault because she won't come down to eat or drink. I know how you feel and it'll be alright.

  3. I hope it's alright. I just am going to feel terrible if we don't find her. Also, I think Danzig was complicit in the escape of Lars in much the same way as the first commenter's older cat. Lars is usually too much of a 'fraidy cat to do anything, so I think Danzig lured her outside and then hung out in the window until we let her back in while Lars freaked out and ran away. She wants to be an only kitty.