Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You make my heart feel super happy!

Oh the world of children's television. It really permeates my life. I've had a Yo Gabba Gabba song stuck in my head for two days- "For me? For you! Thank you! I love you too!" And when some of the Chinese women who work in my office were telling our boss about Chinese New Year the other day, all I could think about what Kai Lan and Yeye.

The fish is also very into books right now. She has a counting book of Easter Eggs she got for Easter last year, and she really enjoys it. It's mostly because I point to the eggs and count them and she thinks pointing is the greatest thing. If I don't point she gets pretty angry about it. Also, when I'm done reading it to her she usually sits on the floor looking at it by herself and mumbles her baby jibberesh while pointing at the pages.

She and Danzig use pretty much the same tactics to get my attention these days. Yesterday morning before work I was checking my email and drinking a coffee and Danzig jumped on my lap and kept getting in my face and making it impossible to drink my coffee and see the computer screen until I pet her. This evening, Ramona walked up and stood on the magazine I was reading until I played with her. Danzig has been pretty needy lately, though. I feel bad because I don't pay enough attention to her (although it could be argued I paid too much attention to her prior to Ramona's birth. Not everyone has a fake career and love interest picked out for their cat.) So I've been making an extra effort to cuddle with her lately.

Oh, and if anyone is trying to pick out a name for their pet, I recommend not naming it after Glenn Danzig, because trying to explain your cat's name to your pastor in the future might be really awkward. When we met with the pastor about Mony's baptism we were small talking for a bit and he asked if we had any pets, and when we said we had a cat he asked her name. "Danzig? What's that mean?" I explained it was the singer of a band that had a song called Halloween and we got her around Halloween and she's Halloween colors. Luckily he didn't ask anything further. Joe thought it was hilarious and kept joking that I should have told him to check out the Misfits. Somehow, I don't think our pastor would be interested in a band with a song called "Angelf**k." Call me crazy.

Anyway, tomorrow there's a chili cookoff at church, so we're taking the fish up there and I'm bringing some brownies and Joe's bringing some of his chili. He's toning it down a bit since he usually makes it crazy spicy for me. It should be fun.

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