Monday, December 5, 2011

New Baby

Kathleen said it looked looked like the dude in the wheelchair from Nightmare before Christmas, and I can't really argue with that. I do like that you can see the legs in this one, though. The baby chilled all stretched out like this most of the time, as if my uterus is a sweet hammock.
Here's a less creepy looking face, although it's still not quite right.
Ok, so this one shows the baby looking like a baby. The cool thing with this baby is that my placenta is visible during the ultrasound. (It's on the bottom front.) With Ramona, I never saw placenta on an ultrasound.
There's a little hand, from when the baby was trying to high five me. Then, it did sign language to indicate I should eat more ice cream. I must listen.
And here's a nice profile shot to prove that the baby is not a Tim Burton creature.

They said everything looks great and it was a lot of fun to finally see that there is something going on in there! Next week I will officially be in the second trimester.

Ramona's reaction to the pictures was to smear her peanut butter covered hands on them and announce "Peanut butter jelly jelly sandiwich!"