Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year Adventures

So I'm going to play catch up out of chronological order and post about New Year's Day before Christmas. Sorry, but I started looking at these pictures first, so they win.

I started out reading to Ramona and I really like this picture, so I'm making you look at it.

Then we went to go see the Lights Before Christmas at the zoo. (Misleading name, as it was after Christmas.) Ramona was very excited about wearing mittens. "My gwuvs!"
We had an awesome time at the zoo. Last year, we had such a crappy time at the zoo lights, so pretty much anything would have been an improvement. But this year was AMAZING and totally beyond the magic I had imagined. Ramona was so excited about the lights and kept exclaiming, "Look! It's beautiful lights!" and things like, "Daddy! See octopus lights!?" We also rode the carousel and she thought that was great
And I loved the new colored lights they had this year. They looked like they were different sizes, but I think it was an optical illusion caused by the lights being round and black on one side. Here's a picture (on the right), but it doesn't really represent the awesomeness.
Then we went to the museum and got hot chocolate and gingerbread men, as tradition dictates we do.

Ramona was super into the bugs, which are kind of my least favorite part, but Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba has brainwashed her with the "I Like Bugs" song (which she sang as soon as we walked in and she saw a giant millipede.)
We also looked at the fish and did a lot of walking and looking at lights. Good times were had by all. After that, we headed over to Joe's parents house to drop off Ramona and visit for a little bit. Joe and I went back to the house where I insisted on dressing up a little. It's New Year's! I had to wear something sparkly, dammit! And I had some sparkly tights, so, there ya go. Then I made Joe take pictures because I don't dress up very often, and it's nice to have a picture of me not looking like crap every once in awhile.
Just because I don't look like crap, doesn't mean I can't look ridiculous! After that, we went to Nick & Jimmy's in Temperance and got a snack. Then, we picked up Tauno and headed to the Knotty Pine for midnight. They had free hats, horn blower things (what are those called?), and champagne at midnight. I drank water all night as both DD and a pregnant lady, but I did have a splash of champagne at midnight. After the big moment, we headed back to Joe's parents' house to pick up the Fish. I was expecting her to be passed out, but she was partying in her jammies still. Apparently, she stayed up and did the countdown at midnight and yelled "Happy New Year!" That kid, I tell ya.

Anyway, then we headed back to our house. I had been texting with Nina throughout the night and she said to stop by if we felt like it. Honestly, I expected Ramona to fall asleep before we got back to the house, but she was not only still awake, but kept yelling at Tauno to wake up. So, I figured we could swing by Nina's on the way home since she's only a few blocks away.

I was kind of hoping she would be happy to see me, since I was bringing an unexpected toddler and "getting pretty sloppy" Tauno. Luckily, it seems that I didn't ruin the night. Yay! We hung out for maybe an hour and then headed home. Ramona finally crashed at 2am with me. Tauno and Joe stayed up drinking and watching TV, and I have no idea when they finally passed out.

I have to say, it was a pretty kickass start to 2012. And as far as 2012 goes, we already have two awesome weddings to look forward to, not to mention the fact that we will have another baby. I have a great feeling about this year. I hope I'm right!

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  1. You are much more hard core than we are - I was in bed, asleep when the ball dropped!
    PS - love R's coat, looks veeeery familiar. :)